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A Video Of Kim Jong Un Literally Crying About The North Korean Economy Is Reportedly Circulating Around North Korea

Business InsiderA video of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crying about his country’s terrible economy while surveying its coast is said to be making the rounds among the country’s leadership — and it could be a sign he’s ready to cave in to President Donald Trump in negotiations.

Japan’s Asahi Shinbun quoted a defector with contacts inside the country as describing a video in which a narrator explains Kim is crying that he can’t improve North Korea’s economy.

The defector reportedly said the video surfaced in April and high-ranking members of North Korea’s ruling party viewed it, possibly in an official message from Kim to the party.

What happened to Kim Jong Un? He’s like Austin Powers after he’s lost his mojo. Guy’s completely lost his fast ball. Crying like a little bitch because his isolated country’s economy sucks? Come on. What a far, far cry (lol) from the glory days. Glory days being of course when someone would sneeze in a meeting and he’d strap them to the side of a missile. When he’d assassinate relatives in foreign airports for being annoying on Facebook. When he posted official statements calling Trump a big dumb dotard.

Now he’s crying about his shitty economy and, worse yet, allowing the footage to exist? To circulate around North Korea? Allowing North Korean leadership to laugh at him? Sad.

PS — Shoutout to this guy fitting all of this into one tweet, out here grinding to save North Korea one tweet at a time.