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Barstool Philly Dive Bar Review - Kelliann's Bar & Grille

Introducing Barstool Philly Dive Bar Reviews. You have a hole in the wall in the Philly area and it needs to be given proper credit? Let myself @SmittyBarstool or our video guy @PaleoRomano know on Twitter. Would love to hit up numerous local watering holes around the city and drink everyone under the table on their home court.

2 things to note: I’ve come to the realization I can’t chug worth dick but can never turn down a challenge and I would pay money to hang with that old man at the bar on a weekly basis. Love that sailor.

Kelliann’s Official Dive Review: 7/10

It should be worthy of an 8 or a 9, but it just isn’t dive enough. Taffer would actually respect the shit out of that place. The food, beer selection, people and overall cleanliness are all very good. Need more average/subpar across the board to be considered an absolute hole in the wall. Only things certifiably dive about this place was the bathrooms and the standard grumpy old man at the end that’s required at every grimy watering hole. But if we were giving it an overall rating, regular bar and grille wise, it would be a solid 8.5/10.

Thanks to Kelliann’s on 16th and Spring Garden and our resident Harbour Seal Teacher @PaleoRomano for the camera and editing yet again.

PS – Forgot to add, top 3 best wings in the city. Hands down.