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I Have Concerns About Tom Crean's Coaching Based On This Video

So Tom Crean hosted two mediocre to slightly above mediocre recruits the other day. Think 2-3 star guys who are staying home because they are from Athens. However, I’m wildly concerned about Crean’s coaching ability in watching this video.

Sure, people will see two guys not in basketball gear doing a drill, but what I see is two guys constantly shooting long twos. Now, this is the worst shot in all of basketball, which just shows these two guys believe in manalytics and grit instead of analytics. But, why didn’t Crean push them back here? What was the purpose of this drill? And to pull good friends Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky into this, well, that’s just concerning.

I know Crean took a year off to be one of the best analysts during that time, but did he forget about long 2s? I think we need to take a trip to Athens to work on that. Or, you know, just let him do what he does and turn Georgia into a consistent tournament team, which is what I think will happen.