No Big Deal, Just Became Best Friends With Danny Ainge Last Night

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By now everybody knows what an incredible night it was last night on NBA Twitter. Some of the most fun I’ve had on the internet in quite some time. As everything was going on, I did my best to include it all in this blog, until ultimately I fell asleep at my computer. Part of the fun with nights like this, is the entire internet is getting jokes off. Sure it made it even sweeter that it was at the expense of the Sixers, but the thing with NBA Twitter is you never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes you think you’re only showing up for the roasting, and the next thing you know you leave with a new best friend. That my friends, is what happened to yours truly.

With all the talk about burner accounts, us in Celtics Twitter have all been well aware of Janos. We love him and he loves us. There is speculation as to if he’s even real, or maybe he’s Mike Zarren or even Danny Ainge. Once Ainge started interacting with Janos things blew up. The good news is this isn’t an embarrassing situation like in PHI where their GM hates his own players. So when I threw out that tweet last night, I just figured it was like every other tweet I mention Ainge in, that it would be mostly ignored (wink wink). But that’s the thing about Celtics Twitter, we are a community, and with the press of a button suddenly I had myself a brand new best friend. Incredible. I know that blogging for this fine website gives me a great deal of responsibility. We’re all trying to kill time in the cubes together. Now though, I feel like I have an additional sense of responsibility. I think I may be partially responsible for the future of this franchise.

Look everyone knows you tell your best friend everything. If I know my new best friend like I think I do, he doesn’t seem like one to keep secrets. With so many big time decisions to be made this summer, Ainge is going to confide in those he trusts to bounce ideas off of. Well guess who’s DMs are open? If you’re him, who do you trust more. Your hand picked staff that you’ve worked with everyday to build a contender or some random guy on the internet that cares way too much about this basketball team? I can tell you this Danny, (we’re on a first name basis nbd) I have no ulterior motives. I just want to win, and I’m open to anything you want to bounce off my brain. Which is why I can also promise that I will not tell a soul he’s actually Janos. I would never betray his trust like that. Best friends don’t do that to each other.