We Are In The Middle Of An All Time NBA Twitter Night


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Usually the fun doesn’t start until Free Agency, but with this bomb about Colangelo being the worst internet troll of all time, NBA Twitter is on fire right now. This is the stuff we crave. If I were you I would quickly read the rest of this blog and immediately go back to Twitter. What we are watching is clearly only the beginning. We got guys already coming at Embiid trying to get him out of Philly which is most definitely 100% tampering or something illegal like that. We have Woj trying to do his best and put out the fire but nobody is believing that shit. We all follow Embiid on Twitter. We know things aren’t OK. We have rival GMs throwing shade, even Cuban is getting into the mix! This is why NBA Twitter is must follow stuff, especially this time of year. My favorite part about tonight is the conspiracies. Did Lebron/David Griffin leak this so that he could get the job and bring in Lebron. Is this Hinkie’s revenge? I’m here for any and all rumors and theories right now.

Honestly, does anyone even care about this Finals anymore? This is 100000x more entertaining. Now stop reading and go refresh