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Jose Ramirez Promptly Goes Deep After Rumors Of Steroid Suspension


Earlier today, rumors were spreading in the Dominican Republic that Indians star Jose Ramirez had tested positive for steroids and that he would soon be handed an 80-game suspension. The team, manager Terry Francona and Ramirez himself addressed the rumors and shot them down real quick.

Chris Antonetti, the Tribe’s president of baseball operations, contacted Major League Baseball himself to see if there was any validity to the rumors to which he was informed that there was not. Just a few hours later, in a 4-1 ballgame against the Chicago White Sox, Ramirez hammered his 16th home run of the year, and that had to have felt like a nice big “fuck you” to the folks who started that false rumor.

I’ve said this a million times, and I’m sure most of you were well aware of this, but the Steroid Era has never actually ended. Robinson Cano got popped earlier this month, so obviously we know that it’s not just fringe players trying to stay in the big leagues or minor leaguers trying to get to the big leagues who are still using PEDs. With that in mind, players who perform well in today’s game are automatically going to be under suspicion of using, which sucks, but you certainly can’t blame baseball fans, who have been lied to time and time again.

Luckily for Indians fans, the PED cloud that hovered over their team’s best hitter for a few hours today was #FakeNews.