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P.K. Subban Has Been Spending An Awful Lot Of Time In Boston Lately

And by an awful amount of time I mean he spent the weekend in Boston. But still, it was awesome to see P.K. here crushing it all MDW weekend, really taking in the city. Subban was spotted all over town this weekend with friends and alleged girlfriend, Lindsay Vonn. Sitting court side at the TD Garden for Celtics-Cavs Game 7, hitting a Sox game and hanging with Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy and former Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield then doing some good for the kids in the Dot with the Hayes brothers before hitting some local bars. And I’m not one to make assumptions. I’m definitely not one to make up trade rumors. But Subban seemed to be on a lot more than just a weekend vacation to Boston this weekend, maybe he was scouting the area for I don’t know, next season?

Look, I have said it once and I’ll say it again. P.K. Subban is one of my favorite hockey players in the NHL. The guys is an electric factory and does wonders for the community and kids. Imagine that in Boston!? Imagine adding Subban to a blue line that already has Charlie McAvoy, Zdeno Chara and Torey Krug? Imagine adding him to that power play!?

P.K. Subban would be a perfect fit with the B’s. While the major need is a left shot defenseman for the Bruins, I think they can make it work with Subban. He can eat minutes, play against top lines, and is a magician on the PP. He would make the Bruins, who already are one of the top teams in the east, an immediate contender for the Cup. Just need to get some money off the books to make it all happen.

So it’s basically a pipe dream. Just seeing Subban in Boston all weekend just gets you thinking about all of the possibilities though. The guy would thrive here. A city where athletes are by far the biggest celebrities and the world revolves around their teams. He’d be a rock star. I can picture it now, P.K. Subban & Brad Marchand double fisting beers on a beautiful day in June on top of a duck boat cruising down Causeway, both just pounding booze out of the recently won Stanley Cup. Oh boy, that would be awesome.

And since when are Subban and Lindsay Vonn dating? What a power couple that is. We need some more celebrity power couples in town now that Amendola and Culpo broke up/went to Miami and Edelman broke up with Adrianna Lima. Tom and Gisele have been carrying the weight. I pray to god these two have a kid too, because it would be such an athletic specimen. Kid would be squatting 250 lbs out of the womb, would run the local hockey scene here in Massachusetts.