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Mets Place Noah Syndergaard On The DL With A Strained Ligament In His Right Index Finger Because Of Course

I…I…I don’t even know what to say anymore. Maybe I should apologize to Ray Ramirez and everyone currently on the Mets medical staff? Because we clearly aren’t dealing with medical issues or malpractice type of shit. We are dealing with curses. Jinxes. Black magic. Bad juju. Whatever the fuck it is, it is engrained deeply into the Mets franchise. Shit, if we are being honest, I can’t even get mad at the Wilpons anymore. Can you really blame them for not wanting to pump a ton of money into a car that you know will end up broken down no matter what you do to it? Sure we don’t know if it’s the engine that will go or the car will end up driven through a wall. But somehow, some way the parts that drive the car will end up in a smoldering mess every single year. The Mets are a lemon of a franchise and this latest news is Exhibit ZZZ of it all. It’s not just injuries either. Jacob deGrom can’t buy a fucking win despite having some of the best pitching numbers in the NL. But when you lump all the shenanigans that happen on the field like batting out of order with Thor going down with a fucking finger ligament injury along with the Mets having to create an actual template for Twitter to announce when half their team is being transferred between the DL and different parts of the organization so they don’t have to write ten tweets of 280 characters, you can’t help but feel cursed.

On the bright side, at least the Mets have a good Plan B in place now that Noah’s hurt!

Go bet the Over for tomorrow’s game now before that suicide mission becomes official.

I miss when these were the stories about Noah and fingers that got everybody’s attention.


I just hope Frank The Tank takes this news as well as he can because I’m still worried about his reaction to yesterday’s game latest nightmare.