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I Just Think That Guys In The AHL Should Be Allowed To Fight Fans

First of all, I know somebody has to have another version of this video that you can hear whatever was said to the player here. I’m assuming it had to be some ruthlessly savage shit in order to get this sort of reaction. But anyway… 

So the Texas Stars beat the Rockford IceHogs in overtime last night to advance to the Calder Cup Finals. I understand the Stanley Cup Final is going on right now and it’s pretty easy for that to overshadow the AHL. But it’s just as much of a grind to make it to the Calder Cup Finals than anything. Hell, it’s probably even more of a grind considering all the shit these guys have to go through all season long. Guys in the NHL get to fly chartered planes to every game, they have team chefs who prepare them whatever kind of meal they want, they have A1-caliber facilities to practice and train in. Life in the NHL is pretty much as cushy as it gets. But these guys in the AHL? Well they’re stuck traveling on a bus to every game and they’re lucky if they get a little bag of trail mix for the road. I mean I don’t think that life in the AHL is as close to a real life version of Slap Shot now as it was a few years ago. But it’s a helluva lot closer to Slap Shot than the NHL is.

Which is why I think if fans are going to have to gall to talk shit to these guys right behind the bench after they just had their hearts ripped out of their chest in overtime in the playoffs? Well I think it’s only fair that the players get to retaliate. I understand why NHL guys should probably just suck it up and move on. They’re making millions and millions of dollars. They get to just hop on a plane back home to their mansions and their Ferrari and their smoking hot wife and their all around incredible life. But dudes in the A? They don’t have the massive contracts. They don’t have the giant estates with luxury vehicles. They probably still wheel around some rockets but they constantly have to be worried about getting left for an NHLer. They go through so much shit all season long, the least you could do is let them beat the shit out of somebody who doesn’t even have the common decency to just let them be after losing their final game of the year. That’s all I’m saying. Do I think that AHL players should be allowed to hop up in the stands whenever they please to fight the fans? Of course not. But in special situations like this one right here, that Rockford player had every right and justification to smash through that glass and pound some ass.