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Mr. Kraft Saved a Life at a Kevin Hart Show

SourceNew England Patriots owner Robert Kraft helped save a man who collapsed Saturday night at a Kevin Hart performance at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ.

Scores of security guards were scanning the crowd to make sure no one was recording the comic’s stand-up act, but they didn’t see the man fall to the floor.

Kraft was sitting next to “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams, radio personality Angie Martinez, Philadelphia 76ers part-owner Michael Rubin and Joey Morrissey, who is opening the HQ nightclub at Ocean Resort Casino in AC on June 28.

“The man seemed to be having a seizure and was frothing at the mouth,” a source told me. “Kraft helped him up and summoned security, who took him out on a stretcher.”

When Kraft and the other celebs went backstage after the show, the man was in a dressing room, fully recovered, eating a chicken wing.

If I hadn’t met Mr. Kraft personally, which is my humble way of saying that if he and I weren’t super close best friends in the world, by now I’d be doubting that he actually exists. I’d be questioning if the RKK character isn’t just a heroic legend someone created, loosely based on some real businessman/entertainment mogul/fashionista/philanthropist/celebrity/Hip Hop fan who gets rappers released from prison when he’s not hanging out with the President of the United States and raising his lovely girlfriend’s baby.

I mean, compare him to your average person. If you or I go see Kevin Hart, that’ll make our Memorial Day weekend. Spot a Grey’s Anatomy star in a public place and most people are bragging about it. Save someone’s life, and we’d feel like superheroes. Hell, one time I got a female co-worker’s car started by opening the air intake with a pen and I haven’t shut up about it since. But seeing America’s current most successful comic while rubbing elbows with the famous and saving a stranger from instant death is just another day in the life of the coolest 76-year-old on the planet.

If there’s anyone I feel semi-bad for in all of this, it’s Kevin Hart. I’ve done a lot of comedy shows in my life. And I can honestly say that while you don’t want someone in the audience to drop dead, you don’t want someone in the audience to not drop dead, either. It would be good for business. Last year I had a lady at the front table dead center of the stage hit the floor. We had to stop the show and call an ambulance. EMTs revived her and took her for observation but she seemed fine and we got back to a night of magical entertaimment. And while I was happy for her I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed I don’t get to bill myself as The Comic Good His Act May Kill You. Fortunately or unfortunately for Hart, he had a living legend in the crowd who kept a cool head while all the others froze. And thanks to his bravery, that Hart fan was eating wings with the rich and famous. Some heroes wear capes, others wear blue shirts with white collars.

Me and Mr. Kraft