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Browns Defensive Back Damarious Randall Says He'll Buy Everyone Who Retweets Him a Jersey If The Cavs Win The Title, Is Currently on the Hook For Over $30 Million

That’s what happens when you get traded to the Cleveland Browns. Your brain breaks. Usually the people that tweet these kind of things are just looking for the attention and to get a ton of retweets, without actually coming through on their fake promise. Well, Randall is a Cleveland professional athlete and I think he’s going to have to make good on this if the Cavs pull it off.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 1.26.58 PM

Randall was already a huge Warriors fan it appears, which is why he tweeted that out originally. He loves Curry.

The tweet currently has over 145,000 retweets (update: 320,000) and is climbing by the minute. At this current point Randall would owe over $30 million if he chose to buy real authentic $99 NFL jerseys. He may have to buy in bulk and order off one of those Chinese online stores that sell knockoffs for $15. Randall is still on his rookie deal folks. He’s not a gazillionaire.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 1.15.25 PM

If LeBron pulls this off Randall might kill himself. You hear stories all the time about how players lose all their NFL fortunes on fancy cars, clothes, houses, etc. Randall going bankrupt because of a single tweet would be all-time. Browns just going to Browns. Go Cavs.