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Man Wakes Up A Dude Sleeping At A Stop Sign - Guy Promptly Drives Through Every Obstacle In His Path Into Oncoming Traffic

Here’s why you never wake up a guy sleeping in his car, unless you’re a police officer prepared to remove him from said car and take him safely to the drunk tank.  Because there’s a reason he’s asleep in his running car that is stopped at a stop sign.

In fact I would actually argue this guy should be commended – he’s doing the responsible thing and sleeping it off.  Sure it was a bad decision to get behind the wheel and fire up the ignition in the first place, but he caught his mistake before it caused any harm to anyone, and he tried to rectify it and sober up before he went any further.  That’s all you can ask for.

Unfortunately some “good samaritan” decided to rudely interrupted his nap and wake him up in the middle of a drunken, REM cycle stupor.

And that’s how this stop sign and telephone pole lost their lives.

100 feet of clear road on either side of him and this jerkoff decided he needed to go dead straight in the middle of the dotted lane lines like a nerd.   Congratulations on following the exact letter of the law from your driver’s ed course.  Keep those hands at 10 and 2, always look 3 seconds ahead of you, and wake up drunk drivers so they can proceed to drive straight into oncoming traffic.  Well done.