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Big Fella Ends A Fight Instantly With The Most Innovative Spinning Punch I've Seen In A Street Fight

Do people remember when we had the dropkick phase for fight videos?  It was a trend like planking and icing, only it was with flying leg drops and dropkicks.  Macho Man flying elbow drops came soon after.  I can’t find it but I’m thinking of  a specific jail cell fight where the dude went top rope with an elbow straight from the sky, straight to the sternum.  The world of internet video fighting is susceptible to trends just like other industry.  And after watching this video on our Instagram I have a strong, strong feeling we’re about to witness the next one:  spinning knockout punches.

Maybe the most impressive big man move I’ve ever seen in a fight.  Dude already had the 100 pound weight advantage and what look to be hammerhead fists.  That nimble footwork and quickness on top of it? Woo boy.  Do not ever try to bully this kid when you see him in the schoolyard unless you’re prepared to get hit with some Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat shit right in your mouth.


Don’t ever forget the big girl stomach kick.  Oldie but goodie.