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Rhys Hoskins Fouling A Ball Directly Off His Face Did Not Look Like Fun

Owie. The Phillies blew a 4-0 lead to the Dodgers, 5-4, which put them back to a game behind the Braves for first in the NL East and .5 behind the Nats (more from Tbyrd later). A solid start by St. Vincent wasted on the West Coast. But how about Rhys Hoskins taking a shot to the kisser like this? Far be it for me to tell Rhys not to swing at a pitch coming directly for his face. If the The Mayor Of Mash City thinks he can turn on one, let the big dog swing. But that didn’t look pretty. In fact, has anybody ever seen this before? Why yes. Yes we have. Plenty of times. Ouch.

That’s not including J-Roll:

But a lot of those were ricochet shots that slowed the ball down. Rhys literally foul tipped a fastball into his face. Fuck. Anyways, assuming his jaw didn’t shatter into a billion pieces, Rhys is one tough cookie. After a quick trip to the dentist he should be back contributing on the diamond. And I use the word contributing loosely as he’s in a midst of a holy slump that’s tanked his average to .229. Think it’s about time to stop by for another hitting session in Camp Smitty, Ryhs. He lined one directly into our souls all day if it’ll help his swing. Still the best tee-work known to little-man.

Now let us take a moment to remember the most improbable balls to the face moment outside of SpankBang the world has ever seen. This lady hitting a golf ball directly into her kisser legitimately defies everything we know in this universe. No ricochet. Zero intended tomfoolery. All sorcery.