Casual Tornado Appears in the Middle of a Little League Game and Everyone Laughs It Off Like It's a Gust of Wind

“Hey guys remember two outs, play to first… oh wait tornado timeout!”

Classic mid-game tornado. Hey, I’ve got a question, how is everyone so calm? I mean there is a twister at second base.  Am I just so out of touch with the Midwest these days that thinking a tornado spinning on a little league field is an overreaction? At the very least you have to get the kids off the field right? If my son is playing in this game we’re simply getting in the car, packing our things, and moving to another state.

When I first watched this I thought it had to be some sort of new Snapchat or Instagram filter. Nope, it’s as real as can be. The pitcher is out there on the mound trying to fist fight the tornado so the game can continue. You can even hear a sarcastic parent shout “Watch out Jack it’s coming for ya!” as everyone enjoys a good chuckle. The pitcher doesn’t flinch. He stares down a mini-twister on the mound like he’s Dallas Braden watching A-Rod run to the dugout.

Every tornado in my mind is like the one in The Day After Tomorrow where it leaves a city in shambles.

One second they’re little spouts blowing some papers around and the next your entire house is gone. No thanks.