The Celtics Season Has Finally Come To An End

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Seven

I’m crushed. Absolutely crushing loss and as far as I’m concerned a blown series. Up 2-0, had a 3-2 advantage and an opportunity to close it out at home and the Celtics couldn’t get it done. Their home court magic ran out at the worst possible time. Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier picked the worst possible time to not be able to buy a bucket. It took two quarters for the Celtics to score 30 goddamn points. The Cavs were begging all night for the Celtics to break this game open, and they never did. Jeff Green again had the game of his life, Lebron was Lebron, and on top of everything they again missed late FTs.

I’mn a bit speechless at the moment, it was right there. It was right fucking there. I don’t care who the Celtics were missing, the Celtics were on the brink and they fucking choked. Lebron sadly has ended yet another Celtics season, and this one stings way more than the previous years. When it came time for late game execution the Celtics couldn’t come through. For example, the Celtics were in the bonus for the last 9 minutes of the fourth quarter. What did they do instead? They jacked three after three. There’s no way around the frustration right now. All the Celtics had to do was play slightly below average and they win this game. Think about that for a second. They didn’t even need to play well, they just could’t be absolutely pathetic, and sadly that’s what they were.

This is why you don’t fuck around with Lebron and Game 7s. This fucking sucks. I’ll have more tomorrow once I can get my thoughts together. What an incredible season this was, it deserved a better ending than this.


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