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Can The Celtics Possibly Lose Tonight With Cat Lady In The Building?

LeBron and the LeBronettes went into tonight knowing things were going to be tough. You have a riled up Wakandan crowd, Pres on the wood, and chants like “You’re a ba-by” echoing through the rafters during a Game 7 on the road. And then Cat Lady shows up in the fancy seats. I mean it’s either cat lady, Maureen Ponderosa, or someone went too hard at an MDW party, passed out, got drawn on, and made it all the way to her sweet seats at TD Garden without anyone telling her. Regardless of the answer, I love that she is there for this game. Sports fans deserve the best of the best in the building for Game 7, from the players to the coaches to the fans. And someone casually rocking cat face paint on a casual Sunday night in Boston definitely qualifies.