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If The Celtics Lose Tonight I Will Be Changed As A Person Forever In A Very Dark Dark Way

There are big games and then there are BIG FUCKING games. Tonight is the latter. This isn’t just Game 7. This isn’t just Celtics vs. Cavs. This is me vs. Lebron. This is a decade long feud coming to a historic conclusion. All the blood, all the sweat, all the tears, all them blogs I’ve written about Bron Bron coming down to this. My chance to eliminate him from the playoffs, most likely end his career in Cleveland, tear his legacy to the ground and move on to the finals in the process. This is it. This will probably my last shot to beat one of my arch rivals and get the last laugh. A guy I’ve been competing blogging against for seemingly my entire internet career. This is one of those rare instances where this is just as important as a title game. This is my season, my life. Two men will walk into the arena tonight. Only 1 will walk out alive. Am I nervous? Fuck right I’m nervous. I am not joking when I say if the Celtics lose this game I will be changed as a person forever in a very dark, dark way. We need to win tonight. I think we will, but I’m just saying we need to.