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The NCAA Just Ruled An Auburn Walk-On Ineligible Because He Uses Doctor Prescribed Cannabis Oil To Treat His Seizures

SEC COUNTRYThis is true in the case of C.J. Harris, a preferred walk-on safety for Auburn for the 2018 season. He has epilepsy, and doctors prescribed cannabis oil for the seizures the condition causes. He played high school football in Warner Robins, Ga.

That’s a no-no according to the NCAA, and Harris has been ruled ineligible to play for the Tigers, per WGXA.com.

“The hardest thing I’ve done,” Curtis Harris, C.J.’s father, said. “You’re taking something away from a kid who’s worked so hard in his life to get there. And you’re just taking it away because he’s taking a medication that’s helping with his disability.”

Under NCAA rules, student-athletes cannot have any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their systems, and the oil Harris takes for his seizures contains a small amount. Therefore, he can’t pass a drug test.

Harris, according to the report, is looking at alternative treatment for his condition.

Sometimes I just want to take the NCAA, pin it down, squeeze its cheeks and kiss it all over its big dumb face.  Just such an unbelievably unique organization.   Every time I think they’ve given me everything they’ve got, they come back and punch me in the mouth with stupidity that the most stupid of all the idiots can only dream about.   There are so few entities out there that can not only make worst decisions possible 100% of the time, but also keep making the SAME ones over, and over, and over, and over again.   Every time you think common sense might peek its head around the corner and whisper hey, hey NCAA guys, hey I know that it says this thing in the rulebook, but I’m just here to remind you you are not in fact a mindless robot drone forced to read a command and push execute, you’re a fully functioning human being with an active brain with a cerebral cortex that is capable of applying different factors to the ruling and considering whether maybe an exception can be made.

For example.

College student suffers from epilepsy featuring frequent painful and terrifying seizures.

His doctor prescribes him a substance that is medically approved to treat the disability and alleviate the seizures.

Now, look in your little rulebook.  I know that it says “no THC allowed in your system.”  I get that.  But think about what we just talked about.  Apply it here.

Is CJ Harris sitting in his dorm room skipping class and workouts ripping massive bowls and playing video games?

Or is he taking medication PRESCRIBED by a DOCTOR to NOT HAVE FUCKING SEIZURES.

I’ll let you come up with the answer on your own.  Happy to help though.

I appreciate your dedication to keeping stoner slacker losers like this off the football field:

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 11.10.12 AM

But let’s just consider all the options.