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Those Two Obese Actresses Make A 'Fat Pact' To Not Lose Weight


Cosmopolitan's Super Fun Night With Rebel Wilson


RADARONLINE – Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are proud and successful big gals. And now, the actresses and friends have banded together in a pact to stay just the way they are, has learned. “Rebel and Melissa have known each other for five years and there’s a lot of love there,” the source said. “Neither one of them is trying to lose weight and they’ve formed this little support group to keep each other from falling into the skinny Hollywood trap.”

So this is today’s modern society. Two diabetic dames famous for essentially being fat make a pact never to go skinny because they think everyone in Hollywood needs to be thin. Newsflash, Chubby Checkers: It ain’t just a Hollywood thing. If you can’t see your genitals you should probably should Steer clear of both fat pacts and two pieces for the good of humanity. Doesn’t matter if you think you’re the tits of Tinsel-town or struggle to get out of your Wal-Mart rascal before breaking out in a sweat while you shit, it’s all about health at some point.

You have to respect the business move because they know if they lost weight they would just be unfunny, flabby pieces of excess skin. And don’t even try to justify it by saying their “curvy”. These things are obese and both make Kathy Bates look like Gisele in her prime. Bitches would be better off teaming up to have someone bring them Solo and the Wookie.