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'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Rapid Reaction

In my blog this afternoon, headlined There’s A Star Wars Movie Coming Out Tonight And I’m Not Excited About It At All, I said, “So tonight, there’s a Star Wars movie coming out that I really don’t care about all that much, but let’s just hold our breaths and pray it’s fine. If it’s fine, I’m happy.”

Turns out I should’ve had a lot more faith in the flick, because it blew past my “Fine” expectations at lightspeed. It ain’t perfect by any means, but god damn if it isn’t fun.

My full thoughts on ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ will be found right here on this very website at 9:40am EST tomorrow, and the ‘Lights, Camera, Barstool’ boys will have theirs up not too long afterwards. I know we just said all reviews would be made a bit shorter and found in the same blog now, but c’mon, it’s Star Wars. We only get one of these a year. Gotta make a biiiiit of an exception. I’ll catch you folks tomorrow. Goodnight!