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Stanley Cup Final Picks From Barstool's Hockey Guys

With the Stanley Cup Final on our hands, it’s time to hear from each Barstool Hockey Guy (the ones who answered) and see who they are picking to win the Cup and why:

Me – Vegas Golden Knights in 7 Games

So i’ll start it off. My heart says it’s the Caps year, but my brain says pick Vegas. So I am going to go with Vegas in 7 games. I think Vegas is one of the few places in the NHL where home ice actually matters. I also think that they are just to deep. Add in the fact that Marc-Andre Fleury has been arguably the best player in the entire playoffs and is well on his way to a Conn Smythe. Goalies can single handedly win you a Stanley Cup. Tim Thomas basically did it in 2011. Marc-Andre Fleury will do it this year. I’ll take Vegas in 7 but the Caps and Ovechkin will be tough as hell.

Jordie – Vegas Golden Knights in 6 games

Vegas in 6. A Russian-led team in Washington DC winning the whole thing already happened in the 2016. Won’t happen again this time. George McPhee made sure to dismantle this Washington team just enough before he was fired to make sure he’d have the upper hand in this series. The Penguins may have forgotten how to beat the Caps in the playoffs but Marc-Andre Fleury hasn’t. And most importantly, Ryan Reaves and Tom Wilson will fight all 7 games. Reaves wins the series 4-3.

Frankie Borrelli – Washington Capitals in 6 games

No matter who wins, it’s going to be a shock to the system for the NHL. Just bizarre to think about either of these teams raising the Stanley Cup. I love the storyline of Fleury having yet another chance to dominate the caps, as is tradition…but I’m leaning Capitals. The way the caps played in game 6 and 7, they have so much momentum. Holtby playing out of his mind, Ovi stepping up when he is expected to step up, that loser Tom Wilson injecting energy into his teammates veins. I have Caps in 6

Chief – Vegas Golden Knights in 6 games

Im sure I’ll be wrong again because ive been wrong about both of these teams the entire playoffs/season. I’m going Knights in 6. I think the speed of the D will be a problem for the Caps. Caps will have a hard time sustaining a forecheck against those guys. I’d give a slight edge to Vegas will overall depth too. 

Nate – Washington Capitals in 5 games

Caps in 5.

Nick Maraldo – Vegas Golden Knights in 7 games

Golden Knights in 7 … My reason? Chaos, anarchy. The joker said it best “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos” The GMs the league office the pundits all the bitter fans of teams who haven’t won in 40 years will lose their damned minds if this team comes in and erases all the tropes, cliches, and narratives of past 100 years of hockey in their first year of existence. Also the irony of Neal, Engo, Perron, Fleury of the underachieving Pens from ’10-’15 beating the Caps in a final is too sweet to pass up

Booze – Washington Capitals in 6 games

The Vegas Golden Knights defied all odds this season and made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in their inaugural season. Meanwhile, my team, The Philadelphia Flyers haven’t won a championship since my dad was in high school. Shit they’ve only made it to the finals one time since I was conceived. Although I respect the fuck out of everything Vegas has accomplished this season, and although I had Washington losing to Tampa, I refuse to accept that a team in its first season will go on to drink from Lord Stanley’s Cup. I may just be a stubborn and somewhat bitter Flyers fan, but I have Caps in 6. Ovi deserves this one and it gives Barry Trotz’s eyebrows a much needed break.

Young Pageviews – Vegas Golden Knights in 7 games

The Washington Capitals are one of the best stories in the NHL this year.  Much maligned by early playoff exits following President’s Trophy quality seasons, they came into this year as somewhat underdogs.  After exorcising their demons they look like a team possessed.  Ovechkin potentially vindicating himself after years of leadership criticism and long summers would be a fitting moment for one of the greatest players of all time. BUT, the best story in the NHL this season is in the desert, and I’m definitely not talking about the Arizona Coyotes.  I’m picking the Vegas Golden Knights.  In full disclosure this is because of Marc-Andre Fleury and the talented team but mostly because I am in denial of the Cubs, Blackhawks, and Capitals, three of my most hated rivals growing up, all winning titles in a very short period of time.  The Capitals and Cubs winning within 2 years would spit in the face of my childhood.  There were two rules growing up, the Cubs will never win a World Series and the Capitals will always flame out in the playoffs in spectacular fashion.  If it really is the #CapsYear then all I will have left to root for is a Blues Stanley Cup win… and that’s a dark, dark future.

610 – Washington Capitals in 6 Games

Holtby hasn’t been beaten in nearly 8 periods. Fleury has dished out 4 goose eggs & stopped 95% of the pucks that’ve come his way. The goaltending is pretty even. The Caps mowed through TB the last two games in large part because of their physicality – but the Knights throw the body just as much if not more. Both squads roll 4 lines that all have an impact. So this sets up as a legacy-defining moment for The Great 8. If Washington is gonna win, Ovechkin’s gotta be the difference. He’s had an excellent postseason so far, but none of it will matter if he finishes with a quiet series while an expansion team hoists the greatest trophy in sports.

I’m rooting wholeheartedly for the Knights. Besides the great storyline, I’m a Rangers fan and selfishly don’t wanna see Ovechkin get the Cup he deserves before Lundqvist gets his (or retires). Hopefully home ice will hold strong. If you’re asking me who I’d put my money on though, I think the Caps top guns will prevail. It’s gonna be an outstanding series but there’s just no way Ovi’s gonna let this opportunity slip through his fingers. They’ve finally figured out how to win & unfortunately I think they’ll close the deal. Caps in 6.

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