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Will Smith Is Rapping Again And Let Me Be The First To Say That Big Willie Is Very Back

Folks, this is big news. I know it wasn’t necessarily the coolest thing in the world to say your favorite rapper was Will Smith, so I didn’t for fear of ridicule, but I fucking loved Big Willie. I prefer wholesomeness over actually writing your own bars in my rappers and Will provided that in spades. Gettin Jiggy, Just the Two of Us, Wild Wild West, Men In Black, Miami…. HEATERS, the lot of them. Will Smith was a fucking monster.

But, more importantly than that, this verse is fucking incredible. It’s a minute and a half of flexing on the world so hard I’m surprised he didn’t puke halfway through, like one of those dudes in a deadlift competition. There was barely a line that didn’t make me push back in my rolling chair and scream OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH. He’d kill strippers if he tried to make it rain on them. He doesn’t do features on raps because he’s too busy making summer blockbusters. The only reason he hasn’t married both Halle Berry and Rihanna is because he hasn’t felt like it. Directors make movies, he makes directors. His children are millionaires. People don’t live long enough to make as many hit movies as he has.

It’s incredible. It’s the cockiest verse rap has ever heard and I’m pretty sure I mean that literally. Most rappers might mention that they drive a Lamborghini or wear Gucci or some shit, Big Willie raps about flying to China to start a fashion company with the former President of the United States just because he feels like it.