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John Mayer Made A Music Video For 'New Light' And It's SUPER Weird But Also Fantastic

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 9.58.50 AM

Sooooooooo weird. So weird that I love it. John Mayer on his Caleb Pressley shit. Mayer is at a point in his career where he just doesn’t give a fuck about anything. It’s a solid place to be creatively. He’s made his money. He’s made his hits. He’s proved he can do the pop thing over and over and over and over again. He just wants to play his guitar, be weird and go on tour with the Grateful Dead. The song is fantastic and the video is weird as can be. The first part is the most important. New Light is a genuine toe-tapper. It puts you in a great mood every time you hear. As long as John Mayer keeps putting out hits, all of us will give him all the space in the world to make crazy music videos using companies that usually do birthdays and Bar Mitzvah videos. Not to mention the video probably cost like $150 and it’s gonna get a bajillion views. Also, he’ll more than likely release the green screen version and people will meme the shit out of it. Genius.