DC Celebs React To The Capitals Advancing To The Stanley Cup Final

Look at John Wall, leader of the Wizards, and Bradley Beal tweeting out his support for the Capitals as they advance to the Cup Final! Love the support from All NBA point guard and his running mate for the guys he shares a locker room hallway with. Wall and the rest of the Wizards have supported the Caps for a while, glad to see they’re as excited as us normal folks. They know it’s #OurYear for sure.

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Moco Boy, Wale still reps the Caps as well! He’s been seen in Ovi jerseys’, and I’ve even heard he bought an Ovi Celly shirt to rock for the Cup Final! He’s been with DC sports through the up and downs, he has also name dropped Ovi in a few songs, he’s a real one. Wale is a proud member of the #OurYear squad.

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Former R words Tight End, Chris Cooley, knows who runs this town. He wants his Tom Wilson jersey and he wants it NOW! He also said he wanted a Kuzy shirt, and he can get it here. But good to know Cooley recognizes who runs this league, and which player scares the hell out of anyone else on the ice. Tom Wilson made a name for himself in these playoffs, not as a guy taking dumb penalties, a guy who absolutely sets the tone, and scares the shit out of anyone else on the other team. The guy is an animal, and is making his presence known in these playoffs, Chris is a smart man, and Amazon, get this man a jersey!

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Current Skins Linebacker, Mason Foster is also a Tom Wilson fan. The fight in the first period really set the tone and pace for the game. Wilson took a penalty with Braydon Coburn, and the second they got out of the box, it was on. They dropped gloves and Wilson showed that he is not a guy who you want to mess with. He absolutely helped the Caps set the tone and right when the Tampa fans thought they were back in the game, he opened up a can of whoop ass and silenced the crowd.

Olie the goalie checking in!! Guy is a legend in DC and was in net for the Caps the last time they advanced to the Cup finals in 1998. Godzilla is still connected to the team and I love to see him backing the guys. If Olie says he has a good feeling about the team, then we all should have a good feeling.



I love to see this exchange between Ovi and Holtby in the presser after the game. Love these guys.

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Caps radio announcer, John Walton, with the ending notes on Game 7 is great too. You can see the emotion in the video and how excited he is for the Caps to head to Vegas.


Look at this picture. This is not at Capital One Arena, it is in Tampa Bay. This is 3rdLegGreg’s backyard. People forget the Lightning had a rule where they weren’t allowing opposing teams fans to wear their jerseys into certain areas of the arena. Guess that didn’t really work out so well. Caps fans pretty much took over the arena during this Game 7.

Tom Wilson’s knuckles. Nothing more needs to be said.