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Cavs/Celtics Scuffle Proves The NBA Playoffs Are More Intense Than The NHL

Oh, there was a fight in game 7 of the NHL Playoffs? That’s cute. This was game 5 and we have a scuffle after the whistle. Just another game, another dust up, proving that the NBA continues to have the most intense playoffs in all of sports. I mean, I don’t remember hearing about Tom Wilson throwing hands in game 5, do you?

This isn’t even the first scuffle of the series! Tell me where else I can get that, this time of the year? Huh? I don’t hear anything – mostly because this is a blog and I’m writing and not having a conversation – but I still don’t hear a counterargument.

I like this from Marcus Morris though. Mostly just the fact he’s constantly yelling in people’s faces this series. It started with Tristian Thompson and now Larry Nance Jr. I actually played against Morris before and weirdly enough I never got the yell in the face. Guess that just means I’m more intimidating than Thompson/Nance and perhaps Morris himself?

Sure, games have been blowouts so far in this series and for most of the conference finals. But, you can’t match this intensity. Also makes you think that during the Caps/Lightning fight it was only 1v1. Why didn’t teammates come help them out? In basketball it’s all about the team, the team, the team.