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The Folks In Montana Take Their College Football Serious, Ya'll

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Hand up! I have never watched a football game involving Montana. I, also, cannot name a single player who ever played football for Montana. I, assumed, they were like most FCS teams. A decent fan base that enjoyed watching their Montana Grizzlies in the fall, but nothing more than that. Apparently, I assumed wrong:

Backstory: Bob Stitt took over as Montana’s head coach in 2014. His 21-14 record over the past three seasons wasn’t up to par, so he was let go after the 2017 season. FCS coaches get canned just like FBS coaches do, but I didn’t realize that those folks up in Montana fire coaches like they do down south. I guess when you have nothing to do in a state except hunt and ski, you gotta find something to get mad about. I wouldn’t have expected them to go Dillon, Texas on us:

(Is FNL the greatest show ever?)

The “For Sale” sign move is bad, but not as bad as what West Virginia did to Bobby Bowden back in the 70’s:

USA Today-In 1974, Bowden endured almost daily criticism during a 4-7 season.

Some students put a sheet outside a dormitory window across the street from his office that read “Bye-Bye Bobby.” A “For Sale” sign was planted on the front lawn of his Morgantown home. His effigy was hung from a tree on campus.

Couches aren’t the only thing getting burned in Morgantown.

Montana was probably just mad that they didn’t have Montana Tech’s coach, Bob Green:

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P.s. before Bob Stitt coached at Montana, he was the coach of Colorado School of Mines, which was founded back in the 19th century for, yes, mining.