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When Aaron Rodgers Met Danica Patrick, He Gave Her His Email Address Like The Nerd He Is

NY Post- Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers kept in touch long before they ever got together, but it wasn’t over the phone.

“We met at the ESPYs back in 2012. … We remember meeting each other, it was quick,” this year’s ESPYs emcee, the first woman to host in the show’s history, recalled Tuesday on Sirius XM’s “Jenny McCarthy Show.”

“I got his email address, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh, not a phone number? Just an email address?’”

“It wasn’t until, obviously, recently that we actually had phone numbers,” said Patrick, 36. “We referred to each other as Chicago and Green Bay. It was very cute.”

I’m totally torn on this move from Aaron Rodgers. On one hand, it’s the dweebiest move of all time. Aaron Rodgers meets Danica Patrick, one of the loveliest ladies in all of motorsports, and he gives her his email address as though he’s going to connect her with people to expand her professional network. Idiot, surely. It may be that he was dating Olivia Munn at the time, in which case exchanging email is less likely to result in your girlfriend lighting your pads on fire. And we all know Olivia Munn is one donut short of a dozen.

But it could also be the most alpha move of all time. “Hey… uh… Derrica? Oh sorry, Danica, right. Nice to meet you. Oh, we’ve met before? My fault, I forgot about it because you didn’t factor in my life. Here, take my email. You haven’t earned my phone number yet.”

Problem is, Aaron had no idea he was actually doing something impressive. What do you expect from a guy who routinely quotes esoteric jokes from The Princess Bride to make his teammates feel dumb? (WSJ) Giving Danica his email was not meant to put him in the driver’s seat; it’s just how Aaron Rodgers corresponds. I bet he doesn’t even have a cell phone. Probably fears the radiation and sympathizes with the overworked Apple employees who jump to their deaths in China. Good guy, that Aaron Rodgers.

By the way, I’ve noticed a new trend in meeting women. In recent months, I’ve introduced myself to at least two women who, instead of giving me their number, took my phone, found their account on instagram, and followed it from my account. I guess the implication is that I will then DM them? Is this the fucking norm?! What a completely non-consensual following. I need to spend weeks looking at your pictures, monitoring the frequency of your posts and judging your captions before I commit to following you, betch. I have a ratio to protect! How dare you make me follow you without asking me? If connecting on INSTAGRAM is the new “here, take my number,” consider me out of the dating pool. I extend all my own DMs, thank you very much.