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The Kobe 'Detail' Curse Is More Terrifying Than The Madden Cover Curse

I talked a bit about Kobe sabotaging the Celtics and Jayson Tatum yesterday. If you don’t want to click that blog, the short story is that Tatum watched Kobe’s ‘Detail’ 25 times and since then is a -25 on the floor. However, it goes much deeper than that.

This started to float around Twitter last night and I was curious as to why. Now, if you need to know what ‘Detail’ is, it’s  a show on ESPN+ where Kobe breaks down different players and their games. Kobe is trying to become the next guru, but really it’s just showing perhaps he is ruining people’s game. I wrote yesterday’s blog in complete satire, but I’m starting to think it was just all true.

So why am I writing about this now?

Dear God, he did it again. Now, the only saving grace here is that it wasn’t Draymond who not only doesn’t exist after Harden dunked on him, he reappeared only to get made fun of again by biffing a dunk. Now, if this Kobe curse is real I have a list of people I’d like him to start breaking down. However, it has to come natural so I won’t talk about the Yankees, Eagles or Florida football the week they play Kentucky to finally snap a 31-year losing streak. I’m too professional for that stuff.

Just keep my name off your lips, Kobe.