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This Man Is Either The World's Foremost Genius Or The Greatest Threat Humanity Has Ever Known

I’m always fascinated by videos like this. My puny idiot brain can never comprehend how people can set these up. Where do they start? Who owns this much string? Have hammers always had other, smaller hammers inside of them like those Russian egg dolls? Was that baby instantly crushed by that laptop crashing to the ground? Did this guy always own a Chucky doll or did he buy it just for this video? So many questions for just a two minute video.

But no matter what questions come from a video like this, I think we can all agree Joseph here is one of two things: he’s the smartest man alive OR an incredible danger to society. There’s no in between on this one. A mind like that is capable of anything. Usually these videos are made by genius nerds who have no other avenue to exhaust their free time. They’re not funny, they’re just impressive. The fact that this video was both funny and impressive leads me to believe that this isn’t your run of the mill nerd who if he got out of line we could just hang him by his underpants waistband on a coat hook until he was all tuckered out. I can’t stress enough how big of a red flag the Chucky doll is. Unless you’re Redman, Jennifer Tilly or the person who invented Chuck there’s no reason to have a Chucky doll in or around your home under any circumstance. So I’m hoping Joseph is one of the good ones, but boy oh boy do I now firmly have my eye on him. This guy’s either going to cure cancer permanently while inventing a phone that never needs to be charged or he’s going to block out the Sun and take control of the globe’s weather.