Get Hyped For Memorial Day Weekend With MTV True Life: I Have A Summer Share Featuring Tommy Cheeseballs

Part 1:

Episode starts at 4:07

Part 2

Writer’s Note: With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, I will be running my annual Tommy Cheeseballs blog to kick off the summer. I figure it’s the perfect video to get people in the cubes through this weird workday that is hopefully a half day at most. You can pause it whenever you have stuff to do and the restart it whenever needed to help run out the last few hours of this work week

It may be more than a decade old, but the Tommy Cheeseballs episode of True Life is unintentional comedy at its peak that still holds up to this day. Pure fucking gold. Not only Tommy, but his whole squad of misfits. Before we had Snooki, J-Woww and Paulie D we had Anthony, Michelle H. and Michelle F teaching people that never stepped foot in the Northeast just how RIDICULOUS the Jersey Shore could be (with some fantastic early 2000s music in the background). I imagine older Stoolies will love this throwback while younger Stoolies will laugh as they watch the utter nonsense that is/was Tommy Cheeseballs. Every now and then we get a “Tommy Cheeseballs is dead” rumor that turns out to be false but even if they were true I would refuse to ever believe them. I even saw a “Tommy Cheeseballs is a Nazi” rumor on Twitter that I also refuse to believe. I instead believe Tommy is still working that construction job with a Mrs. Tommy at home taking care of a couple of little Tommys.

So sit back, relax, and watch this gem of a throwback. And for anyone that misses this blog today, I will repost it on Labor Day. Memorial Day to Labor Day is known as “Summer” to some people. But to me it’s #CheeseballsSZN.

Oh yeah and the Tommy Cheeseballs Remix is an absolute banger. “YOU DON’T APPRECIAAAAAAAATE MEEEEE”.

h/t Rico Bosco for the link to the full episode