Bikers Get Knocked On Their Ass By Trucker Who Opens His Door At The Wrong Time


Did the trucker do that on purpose?  Hard to tell from the video.  I’m gonna say probably not.  Just really bad timing.  The truck looked like it was stuck in traffic and maybe the guy was getting out to see what the hell was going on.  But if he did do it on purpose, I say fair game.  It’d be understandable at least.  If you’re sitting in a long traffic line that’s not moving and all of the sudden you see some motorcycle hauling ass and cutting in line, you’re telling me you wouldn’t have the urge to open your door?  We’re in the trust tree here.  You can tell me you would.  Not to kill them or anything.  Just a little love tap.  A little something to let’em know that you’d prefer it if they followed the unwritten rules of being in line and waited their turn.  Again, we’re not talking about paralyzing them.  The people in the video looked fine for the most part.

PS- I peaked down into the comments of this YouTube video and people are PISSED on both sides of the argument.  Back and forth back and forth.  I shouldn’t be surprised because, well, the internet.  But some people are calling for the truck driver’s head while others basically want to elect him the next president of the world.  No argument falls in the middle.  Who knew people got so riled up about the legality of what bikers can and can’t do on the road?