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After Weekend Split, The Phillies Series Vs. The Braves Is Kind Of Important

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I get that it’s only May 20th, but if that is your first line of thought when looking at this 3 game slate with Atlanta, then shame on you. Honestly, if you don’t think this series vs. the Braves matters, just make like a tree and get the fuck out of here. I don’t want you reading my blog. This is for the diehards only.

I don’t like a lot of what I saw this weekend. Now I am not fortunate enough to watch the games live most of the time, so the time I do have, I spend watching replays and reading as much as I can from the local guys. This gives me a more objective approach. Personally, I hated the Phillies play this weekend. We split the series, yet we were out-scored, out-hit, and our defense was abysmal. The starting pitching was inconsistent, the long relief was garbage and our big bats are still not clicking.

Regardless, Gabe somehow has this team winning ball games more often than not. Coming off a series that saw 6 errors from the defense, 4 wild pitches from the staff, and 3 starting bats who are hitting below the Mendoza line, Gabe needs to have these boys ready to play flawless baseball.

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?The Braves are pretty much tops in every offensive category in the National League. They also love playing on the road. Let’s peak at some numbers.

17-8 on the road
OPS 1st in NL
WAR 1st in NL

Scary yes, but not as scary as their combined .835 OPS in the 8th and 9th innings. Not the best, especially when the Phillies combined ERA in those innings is 4.25 and the only bullpen arm who has been worth a damn is Seranthony Dominquez. He is lights out, but unproven and has yet to be truly tested in Major Leagues.

Now let’s look at some positives.

Mike Foltynewicz has a 5.11 career ERA at CBP. Brandon McCarthy ERA sits at 5.05 ERA so far this season. Luiz Gohara, 21, will be starting his first game of the year (Phillies have a.800 OPS vs LH starting pitchers this season). The offense is colder then they appear compiling only a .751 OPS in their last 6. Nick Pivetta and Vince Velasquez, SP for games 1 and 2 of the series, are coming off one of the best starts of their careers. Let’s not forget we have Odubel Herrera and Rhys Hoskins.

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RIP to one streak and time to welcome Rhys’ home run streak which will continue tonight at CBP. Series of the year boys, can’t hold anything back now. Let’s take 2.

Go Phils.