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Jeopardy! Takes A Dig At Sauced Pig Barry Bonds

Get it? Cause he used steroids. That’s why the asterisk is there instead of spelling out star. Burn special. Might be the most hurtful thing Alex Trebek has done since he sported the mustache and regularly gave gals 3rd degree burns during hookups as punishment for not answering his needs with a question. RIP to that cunning caterpillar.

At least Bonds’ head seems to be degrading back from Mars Attack levels to somewhat normal. Good for him. Trust me, it’s a bitch searching for fitted hats over size 7 3/4.



PS – That kid Sam can’t be a day older than 14 and he’s already on Jeopardy!? May have to find me a Billy Hoyle to hookshot me onto the lot.