Lets Check In To See What's Happening On Skip Bayless' Show Today

FS1 keeps churning out that hilarious, fresh content about things all the kids are talking about these days. Ernestine Bayless must have fallen off her goddamn rocker while watching this segment. Looks like needs to add what if LeBron had a goat mask on and a Black & Mild in his mouth to capitalize on a joke from last year.

I guess if you can’t beat Bubble Guppies with hot sports takes, you might as well try to join them by pumping out entertaining animal-based content.




Unfortunately, no matter how many fake goats you have smoking cigars or how hot the takes coming of Skip’s mouth get, FS1 will never have Mr. Grouper, the most electrifying animal in daytime TV. This is how you get eyeballs on your show.

Top 5 dead or alive and that’s just off one cartoon.

Also, shout out to Shannon Sharpe for keeping in shape while debating nonsense with a Nonsense Machine.


Jesus Christ. That could have been ol’ GOAT James himself! People call him GOAT James right? Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind Shannon Sharpe could put up 65/900/8 this season with the right team and QB.