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A Mariachi Band Performed Alongside Protesters Outside Of The Apartment Of The Lawyer Who Went Viral For A Racial Rant About People Speaking Spanish In A Deli

They got that lawyer fucker good…I guess? I mean I’m not one looking to tell people how to protest, especially in 2018. But aren’t the point of protests to make your statement while also bothering your target? Because while this Aaron Schlossberg guy seems like he may be kiiiind of racist, you have to be a stone cold piece of shit to dislike a Mariachi Band. It’s the happiest music on the planet, with a wonderfully eclectic mix of instruments and outfits that exude pagentry. I was tapping my toe and doing a little shimmy at my desk during all of those videos. Even Schlossberg’s neighbors must have been thinking “Man I hate living near that douche, but at least we get some free fun music to go along with the angry protesters outside of our apartment”. Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant, the Mariachi band is always the hammer that convinces me to go. The incredible unlimited chips start the craving. The fresh guac made at the table solidifies things. The drink selection and array of exciting food choices turns the light from yellow to green, and remembering that a Mariachi Band will make the whole family smile is Mo Rivera and seals the deal. It doesn’t matter if they play songs you know or not. There is something in those magical instruments that just resonate with the human soul. And if you get a Happy Birthday song, the entire restaurant is clapping and singing. The only way you don’t enjoy that type of atmosphere is if your soul has gone to the darkest of black on par with El Diablo (Satan) or Cersei after the shame walk. Then again, anybody that would go on a rant like this because someone spoke a different language ain’t exactly happy go lucky.