Braving the Storm | Coach Prime Episode 2

If you didn't get the chance to watch episode 1, watch it HERE. It's very important to watch these in order so you know who's who on the team and keep up with all of the ongoing storylines throughout the series. 

You'll see the major theme throughout this episode is the weather. We tried our best to show just how difficult it was for the players and staff to prepare for the first game in the face of a water crisis in Mississippi and not being able to practice on an actual field the whole week leading up to the game. We also feature our "robo cams" in the opening scene of this episode which was one of the best ways we were able to provide all-access footage throughout the season. 

And we get to our first game action of the spring season. These episodes are just going to continue to get better and more captivating as the season goes on, hope you all enjoy.