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Tomorrow Night. 8pm. Behind The Greens: Winged Foot Golf Club.

Holy Trailer. I am obsessed with the trailer game. Get's me so jacked up.

When we went to Winged Foot for media day a couple weeks ago we stopped by the maintenance yard and after 10 seconds of hanging with this crew I immediately knew we had to make a video series showing what these guys do on a day to day basis. Tomorrow night at 8pm you'll be getting 20+ minutes of a hard knocks-style video documenting what it's like to maintain two top 100 golf courses each day and prepare for a goddamn US Open. I’ll go more in depth on the making of this video and how freaking awesome this crew is tomorrow night but I’m just so damn excited I can’t stop talking about it. Literally can't stop thinking about it. Watch the trailer. Get pumped. It’s US Open week baby. Winged Foot! Go Isles.