Here's The First Episode of my New Behind the Scenes VLOG: WON'S WORLD

So my previous intern Chef Donny is back in China till the Summer and I need to put his ass to work. I thought a good way to utilize some extra hands on deck would be for him to put together a weekly VLOG featuring behind the scenes footage, glimpses into my daily life, outtakes, etc. The first episode focuses on Super Bowl Monday which also happened to be the first day of Chinese New Year. This one is by no means a glimpse into regular daily routine but hope you enjoy.

Don’t worry, this won’t ever be going on Barstool GOLD but if you do happen to have GOLD I dropped a new episode of my podcast Donnie DID this past Friday where I answered DMs and gave the backstory of every run-in I’ve had with police in China. Can subscribe here if that sort of thing interests you.

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