Barstool vs. America presented by High Noon - Season 2 | Episode 3 Premieres Tonight 7PM ETTUNE IN

How Did Mark Cuban Become A Billionaire?

Mark Cuban joins the show today!!! Erika and Mark have an amazing conversation at SXSW in Austin, Texas. They talk the future of Gen Z, business at Barstool, and how to stand out in a pitch. Erika is live from SXSW for the rest of the show, hitting on some Barstool business Q&A, and ‘circling back’ on trending business news. Erika also gives insight on the Barstool Difference- the rebranded Barstool Fund. 

  •  00:00 - Intro 
  • 01:27 - Erika's Boardroom 
  • 09:32 - Q&A 
  • 16:09 - Mark Cuban 
  • 55:56 - Circling Back 
  • 58:44 - SUBSCRIBE!!