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The Seattle Kraken's New Mascot, Buoy, Might Be The Ugliest Of All-Time

The Seattle Kraken unveiled its new team mascot, Buoy, over the weekend.

Giphy Images.

Unsurprisingly, there were many reactions. We discussed this thing on this week's Spittin' Chiclets and Biz did not hold back in his assessment.

Wolfgang Kaehler. Getty Images.


Going with a troll for a mascot was a nod to the Fremont Troll (above) but he still looks like nightmare fuel to the little rugrats Buoy will ostensibly be entertaining. Even the players and coach struggled to find compliments.

Ehh, at least they nailed the nickname, colors, and unis.

Amped-up and shirtless Biz is also expecting big things from Vegas goalie Logan Thompson and his squad this season.

The Goldilocks of the NHL are already heading into their sixth season and last year was the first time they did not qualify for the postseason. But Biz has them back in.

Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving joined the guys for an entertaining chat after we debated whether the team is better after an eventful summer.

The possibility of trading Johnny G. came up in the conversation.

We also began our rollout of Big Deal Brewing and Michigan was the first state that we announced.

We'll be announcing five more states over the next several days where you can find the delicious golden ale that pairs extremely well with hockey.

Thanks to everybody who grabbed a twelve-pack in Michigan yesterday. There's a lot more to come in many more places.