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Enjoy The Best Of Spittin' Chiclets From The Incredible '21-'22 Season

The Spittin' Chiclets boys have hung the Gone Fishin' sign for a month (or so) to relax and recharge after an aweome season, on the ice and off. We will be dropping a handful of brand new interviews to keep you sated for the rest of the summer though. 

Before they start up, here's our Best Of from the last season. There was tons to choose from so we hope you enjoy what we put together: Gretz. Billy G. Patrik Elias. Ryan Carter. Jonesy. Shanyne Corson. The Armdog. Tocc. And a whole bunch more. 

If you missed a guy or a story, this is the perfect time to catch up. If you heard it all before, then get in a repeat listen because these stories and interviews are worth hearing again and again.

If you prefer the video version, here ya go...

And don't forget that we also dropped our first video from the Chiclets Cup in Buffalo. 

Just in incredible job by our guy Sean Apuzzo and crew. Stay tuned because there's plenty more to come.