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PMT 8-1: Jake Arrieta, Mt Rushmore Of Training Camp Cliches Plus 2 Show Announcements For The Future

Football is back again. We talk some story lines from the last week plus Breaking News on a show announcement and our new Pardon My Cheesesteak brand. (00:02:51-00:27:03) Mt Rushmore of training camp cliches. (00:27:04-00:47:09) Who's back of the week including celebrities flying PJ's and Tony Pizza. (00:48:21-01:09:53) Jake Arrieta joins the show to talk about MLB trade deadline, where Soto will end up, Owners not ponying up, and a very dumb baseball idea. (01:10:50-01:49:53) We finish with a show announcement for the future. (01:51:33-02:05:07)