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ESPN Zone Was the Pinnacle of the Restaurant Industry

Rarely do more than a handful of days go by without me reminiscing on the greatness that was ESPN Zone. It is my estimation there will never be a better restaurant in these United States.

The screens were plentiful, including a TV on every table. You could eat your food while watching a game from the comfort of a recliner. The game room was top-notch. And the food was actually very good. This place did it all.

The best birthday party I've had in my life was at ESPN Zone in 2008. I'd give anything to wield the power of a kid with a fully loaded ESPN Zone game card in his hands just one more time. I'll never forgive Disney Regional Entertainment for eliminating one of the best establishments in this country.

If we can build $400 million Sports Illustrated resorts in 2022, we can bring back ESPN Zone.

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