The Supply Chain Is Cooked, Ian Happ Is Legit And Angels In The Outfield Sucks (Starting 9 Ep. 016)

1st off shoutout anyone going through supply chain stuff right now. I didn't know it was that bad. Light fixtures are back 12-16 weeks. Wallpaper another 4 months. Show me a list of raw materials and I'll show you a list of back ordered raw materials that are at least a few weeks delayed at best. That's the nature of the supply chain right now as we get into it today and again, shoutout to anyone struggling to obtain purchased goods. Starting 9 is here for you. 

Also - congratulations to friend of the program Ian Happ on his presumed All Star selection. At least he very much deserves it. I can't make guarantees about this sorta thing, but just look at the numbers and then tell me otherwise. Would be nice to have him on the show over the All Star break should our paths cross. 

(Someone send this back to Ian. Make it seem organic. He's on our radar)

Elsewhere = we have a thorough discussion this week about childhood movies that I'll circle back in a later blog just to pump the numbers. But also because it deserves more dedicated attention but mostly just to pump the numbers. Big takeaway is that Little Big League is such an underrated baseball movie. The casting was perfect. The clubhouse scenes where the perfect mix of adult and childhood humor. Billy Heywood is BY FAR the best kid's baseball name and it's not even close. Sorry Henry. Sorry Benny. That title belongs to Billy. 

Also, night nurses from Jersey. YES. 

Funny to think the roster of dudes in this movie. Just look at the wikipedia: 

Not too fuckin shabby but same time nothing compares to having Barry Bonds strikeout and then say WOW like he did in ROTY. That might be the greatest directing effort of all time. Also probably worth another blog. Maybe not. Let's find out.

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