2022 Is The Best Season Of Fighting MLB Has Seen In Ages

Pretty easy episode here guys when you have some ridiculous fights to talk about. The Pizza story. Bryce Harper vs. Blake Snell. Zack Greinke fuckin with some kids. I mean honestly you wake up as a podcaster dreaming of this slate of topics. Just outstanding stuff. 

One thing to really focus on is the fireworks talk. Where do you stack up as an individual? And I don't mean that esoterically. I'm talking to you specifically, the person reading this blog right now in this moment. What kinda fireworks person are you? Personally I like the black snakes that just roll out and smell bad because they're the least dangerous and I'm an extremely physically-risk averse person. 

Jake on the other hand likes to submerge an M-80 in a body of water. Preferably natural because that affords a greater blast zone, generally. But if you want to fuck with the high school swimming pool, I won't be the first guy stopping you. Just don't tag me in the tik toks. 

Baseball's in full swing guys. We'll be back Thursday with some All Star Game shit and a huge interview with Dansby Swanson. Subscribe to the show so I can sleep decently at night. Thank you