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We Have Found Arian Foster's Most Egregious Take

I love the voicemails we answer on Macrodosing because it always ends the show making me argue ardently about something I would have otherwise probably never thought of in my life. This particular voicemail didn't necessarily do that, but it did reveal maybe Arian's worst take yet.

If the caller is correct in what Arian has claimed in the past, he believes wearing a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants is actually how to stay the coolest during the summer. This is, clearly, nonsense.

Now, in Arian's answer he only mentions long sleeves, which could be a Dri-Fit shirt or something like that. And I could see the argument for those, as they do keep the Sun off your skin without adding too much additional fabric. But a sweatshirt is a totally different ballgame.

We wear them in the winter because they make you warmer.

Fascinatingly enough, I went through hundreds of pictures of Arian on multiple image services and never saw him wearing a sweatshirt during practice. There were some sweatpants and long-sleeve Dri-Fits, but that's it. Maybe this guy doesn't practice what he preaches, after all.

Whatever. If Arian wants to be sweating his balls off all summer, more power to him.

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