We Went All The Way To Omaha, Nebraska Just To Record A Show In The Back of A Mercedes Sprinter Van (Starting 9 Ep 013)

The Sprinter Van Episode is now LIVE on Starting 9 and let me just say I lose my vocals when I travel west of the Mississippi for longer than 47 hours. Not 48 but forty seven. That's just the way it's always been so stay with me fellas. 

Also an episode that is most certainly geared towards the visual format. So head over to Starting 9 on YouTube to check out the aesthetics. 

As for our guest, it was huge to have Rick on from the Lake Travis Outlaws. Maybe not your Golden Goose but definitely a man I enjoy talking to. A real guy's guy. The kinda man you can learn a lot from just asking a couple questions. And since we're here, let's talk. 

Rick started his business selling iPads out of his garage that he bought in bulk on EBay. It's a crazy story that reminds me of WAR DOGS which former Starting 9 guest Miles Teller starred in. The idea of bidding on a contract and then solving the supply later - that's kinda what it felt like talking to Rick. And now he's got one of the bigger IT businesses in Austin Texas and a crazy story about recruiting Cooper Arrieta in flag football. Do you think Rick considered being on a Barstool show explaining these dynamics? Absolutely not. That's life and it's awesome. 

There's a lot of things in this episode that stand out to me. It's by far the most I've ever talked about my wife and my life and my family. Why I go by Carl and who my surprisingly bigger inspirations are to do this job. 

From Jake's side I think you get a good look at the guy I describe in episode 1. Just a downright good dude who wants to do guy stuff and hang out with his buddies. If that's high stakes blackjack then great. Sometimes that's just shooting guns and blowing stuff up in the wilderness. In all cases it's just about having a good time. 

On that front, Salud!

We'll be back on Thursday with a full bodied episode. For now try and learn a little more about your podcast hosts. 

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