Stu Feiner Brings His Electric Presence To Spittin' Chiclets

When the Chiclets crew was down NYC & Hoboken for some livestreams at the begining of the playoffs, the one and only Stu Feiner joined us at the Gambling Cave to watch some hockey and talk some shit. He's one of the more colorful characters at HQ with a pretty wild backstory so we invited him on the pod to share it with our listeners. Here's a taste of the Stu Feiner Experience...

The man has energy to burn and it's always a treat doing livestreams with him. Stu's also one of the most generous people at Barstool and is a great dude.

We were also joined by a local lad, Jake Thibeault. Jake suffered a pretty bad spinal injury while playing hockey in September and would require a wheelchair for the foreseeable future. When the head of Milton Academy came to visit him a day or so later, Jake vowed to him that he would walk at graduation. And sonofabitch, that's exactly what he did Friday. 

Just an incredibly inspiring accomplishment from an awesome kid. Jake also had some words for anybody else going through a similar thing.

An injury like Jake's incurs all kinds of unforeseen medical expenses so if you'd like to help him and his family out, please do...

The guys, of course, discussed the Stanley Cup Final between Tampa Bay and Colorado. 


Oh and Whit is just altering Canadian history. Not a big deal.

We also dropped a whole bunch of new merch for the summer so check it all out.