Is Jazz Saving Or Ruining Baseball + Weekly Awards (Starting 9 #011)

Tuesday morning means a new Starting 9 show catching you guys up the biggest stuff in MLB. Like Joe Maddon's Mohawk, the rise of Jazz Chisholm, the NL East party for 2nd place, raising awareness for the Miami Marlins and formally predicting Marcus Semien's run - amongst many other things.  

And leave the calculators at home. I think we talk advanced numbers today less than 1% of 1% of the time - which, ironically, is a pretty accurate equation. Nevertheless, point remains. We're not trying to impress or intimidate with the FanGraphs glossary. Although that's a good reminder to run back Saber-fuckin-Metrics. 

We're off to Omaha this week for the College World Series and Cooper Arrieta's 10u travel tournament. We'll definitely have some futures on the sportsbook for the former while a joke about the latter would trigger some kind of regulatory gaming examination. It's Jake's first time at the CWS and no better way to get introduced than traversing the concourse with Ben Mintz. Funnel cakes and sausages abound. It's going to be a good time. 

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Show description: 

Ep 011: The Leg Sauna + Weekly Awards

On Episode 11 Jake & Carl Prepare For Their Inaugural Trip To The College World Series In Omaha. It Was A Bad Weekend For Eating And A Bad Weekend For A Lot Of Baseball Teams. Colin Bought A Leg Sauna? We Give Out Weekly Awards, Standings Updates, Michael Wacha Is Still Dealing & We Finish Off With Some Mailbag Questions.

Time Stamps:

00:00 - 16:28 - Weekend Recap/Omaha Trip 

16:28 - 19:18 - Carl's Fastest Two Minutes 

19:18 - 8:26 - MLB Headlines 

28:26 - 39:11 - Weekly Awards 

40:34 - 53:36 - MLB Standings 

53:36 - 59:00 - Michael Wacha 

59:00 - 1:15:38 - Mailbag


PS - Colin got a leg sauna. Purchase inbound.